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Our company is one specialized is engaged in software development and its affiliated electronics production of high-tech enterprises, at the same time also engaged in a variety of language translation, data entry, etc. Ray electronics co., LTD., the existing staff more than 1000 people, the upper mesosphere manager more than 100, senior engineer 16 people...


To the quality strives for the survival, to the professional, standardized and highly efficient promoting development; Want to customers think, trying to make the customer experience its value!
Respect the value of each employee. Building work, harmonious, progressive sunshine team!
Forging into domestic and international recognition technology service platform, become a representative, widely recognized world-class company!
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The development trend
In a certain period of time, China's auto parts are suffering from a currency wars and problems such as inflation, to solve these problems is not only …
The development dilemma
Commercial vehicle parts and components industries is a segment of industry is higher, most of the emerging of individual enterprises. For the small an…
Spare parts classification
Engine partsCylinder head, body, oil pan, etcConnecting rod, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston ring, etc: valve-tr…
Auto parts
Auto parts (auto parts) constitute the overall car of each unit and in the service of a product of car. There are many types of auto parts, with the im…
12 electronics industry standar…
According to the standard system revision plan and related standardization technology organizations such as the unit has completed the IP core measurab…
The global electronic industry …
The future for a period of time, the electronic industrial output growth is slowing, but the industry structural change is more obvious. Traditional co…
The stability of the team to provide customers the professional service
With many years of manufacturing experience
Covering major domestic cities of resident agencies, personnel, network
For many years good cooperation relationship with many customers and word of mouth
Years of steady development solid foundation
Cooperative partner
Cooperative partner
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