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The global electronic industry development
2017-12-7 10:27:14 23

The future for a period of time, the electronic industrial output growth is slowing, but the industry structural change is more obvious. Traditional consumer electronics market is gradually replaced by the new concept of Internet of things products, industrial equipment and consumer products mix, including support for Internet of hardware equipment, wearable, intelligent household and automotive and other electronic products. The world is gradually into the iot leading the electronic age, industry operating model from a single product and technology oriented development mode in the past, applications and system integration to diversification development model. In the air under the impetus of the development of science and technology, intelligent mobile devices become the next generation computing platform, the PC market continues to shrink, the smartphone market gradually become saturated, and the Internet of things related to cloud computing, large storage, sensors and communication infrastructure will likely become 2015, and the important growth point in the future. Is expected in the next five years, the whole electronic industry output value will maintain the average annual compound growth rate of 3.5%.

Automotive electronic market in 2014 than increase in car ownership ascension, electronic equipment, electrification rate increase under the action of the steady growth. Global shipments of about 91.5 million cars in 2014, automotive electronics market is worth $191 billion, up 7.9% from a year earlier. In the new energy vehicles (hybrid, plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles) under the background of rapid infiltration, electrification of ascension will promote the development of automotive electronics industry for a long time. In addition, the intelligent concept of consumer electronics products are in full effect design and manufacture of car. Google, apple, tesla launched auto intelligent systems; Traditional carmakers BMW, audi, Volvo also focus on promotion of intelligent control. Consumer demand for comfort and safety of ascend more prompted the various security control system, such as safe driving assistance systems, collision prediction system), such as the development of automotive electronics products.

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