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The development dilemma
2017-12-7 10:36:28 29

Commercial vehicle parts and components industries is a segment of industry is higher, most of the emerging of individual enterprises. For the small and medium-sized enterprises, upfront money pressure is very big, and put into production after the profit is not high also, so if you want to allow them to increase investment in research and development of it is relatively difficult. And in a certain period auto parts raw material prices rising, companies will need to pay a significant portion of the funds in terms of raw materials.

Marketing single is due to the fragmented commercial vehicle spare parts enterprises are limited by region, which determines its only by point to point mode to maintain customer relationships. And money problems also determines the auto parts enterprises is difficult to use a large number of investment for technology research and development. National redundant construction makes auto parts enterprises in price competition, which caused serious waste of capital. A complete cake was get fragmented, which is difficult to form large-scale production, which makes them profit level, also with difficulty in the subsequent research and development on a large investment.

But despite commercial vehicle parts enterprises are faced with the problem a lot, but there are still most of the enterprise can survive, its key lies in both the demand. Enterprise production is less spare parts, technical content, after all, the human cost and manufacturing cost, demand for liquid assets or less.

Oems path selection problem is important cause of the current auto parts enterprises face many difficulties. Most domestic commercial vehicle car companies are no matter what type, type of products do, this is not conducive to product segmentation, and then subdivide unfavorable to the auto parts enterprises, also go against parts enterprises involved in a niche product. Most enterprises only consider the present production, attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. Part of the commercial vehicle spare parts if any technology, product, also does not have patents, they don't even know what is the patent protection.

Commercial vehicle spare parts, of course, the enterprise technology low-end, thin margins is also related to the characteristics of commercial vehicle itself. Commercial vehicle is different from the passenger cars, commercial vehicles is a kind of investment tool, customers mainly consider when buying is its price. As long as it is sturdy, the purchase cost can be effectively used to create the value of the offset is enough. So the commercial vehicle configuration for spare parts and requiring less fine, less technical requirements. But the reality is that the elaborating requirements of commercial vehicles began to appear gradually. Some commercial vehicle giants abroad, had already started the elaborating requirements in terms of configuration. In a certain period of time, many large foreign commercial vehicle enterprises have entered the domestic market in great quantities, to the domestic commercial vehicle enterprises has brought serious challenges. In a certain period of parts enterprises should do is to optimize the structure, promote the competitiveness of the technology, strengthen the market channel development capabilities.

Due to lack of necessary follow-up funds to expand production capacity, there are not enough ample funding research and development, the majority of auto parts enterprises are still limited to point-to-point marketing model, it is difficult to walk out of the regional market, more difficult to become a famous auto parts enterprises. Difficult to succeed the commercial vehicle spare parts companies still struggle with small profit era. In a certain period of time, auto parts enterprises in the circles of the two: one is the local protectionism serious cause parts enterprise one-to-one marketing, its market development capability is not enough, difficult to form scale effect, so there is no word in the commercial vehicle industry chain, become a contract; Indulge in a low price competition, don't pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, which in turn increases the local protectionism. The second circle is low technology content leads to low profits, leading to unsustainable development funds, which in turn create technology content is not high.

As the basis of the auto industry, auto parts is supporting a necessary ingredient to a sustained and healthy development of the automotive industry. Especially in the current automotive industry are vigorous, in full swing to carry out independent development and innovation, more needs a strong system of spare parts. Need spare parts for vehicle independent brands and technology innovation base, parts of independent innovation and produces strong impetus to the development of vehicle industry, they are mutual influence, interaction, there is no vehicle independent brands, strong parts system research and development innovation ability is difficult to spurt, without strong parts system support, independent brands continue to do your will.

All 1 - December 2005, the Chinese auto parts and accessories manufacturing enterprises realize the cumulative gross value of industrial output 383.800952 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 18.67% over the same; Implementation accumulative total sales income of 375.265815 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 20.21% over the same; Implementation accumulative total profit is 21.462002 billion yuan, 9.09% lower than a year earlier

This is China commercial vehicle auto parts circulation difficulties faced by enterprises.

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